Monday, July 17, 2006

Heels Over Head About Socks!!

Here are my Trekking Socks, all finished. I got some exercise while trying to take this picture too! Sock Exercise #1 - Lie on floor. Raise legs in air. Do crunches while trying to snap photos with digital camera. Then realize that arms can also raise, to meet level of feet in the air, and take a less skewed photo. Relax. I skimped on the length of these, since the previous pair of socks I made used more than a 100 gram ball. I only had one ball of Trekking, and didn't want to run out. As a result, I have enough left over to make at least one pair of baby booties. One is already finished.

Last week I started a spreadsheet of all my current projects, and tried to prioritize them. I made columns for details like needle size, gauge, brand of yarn, etc. I still don't have it all filled in, but the hardest part was trying to prioritize. One project was obvious - sock's for my niece's birthday in August. But since that's a carry-along project, should I really be working on it at home, where I can work on something bigger? I'm sure I'll get them done in time. So then what? Should the oldest project have priority, because it's old? Should the project closest to being finished have priority? I only ended up choosing the top two projects, and the rest will have to wait for a number.

The scary thing about all this is that my spreadsheet has 10 projects on it. With the exception of the hat I work on while on the treadmill, all of these are in the living room. There are countless others upstairs, and in the bedroom, in various stages of completion. The further away the project is, the more details I've forgotten about it. My cousin commented that she's amazed by the number of things I get done. If she only knew the frightening number of things still waiting to be finished - some date back 20 years. (Now she will know, since she reads this blog!)

It certainly looks like a clean out is in order. The bad thing about clean outs, is that I always get motivated to start new projects!! And this is just the knitting. Not to mention crochet, weaving, spinning, cross stitch, embroidery, quilting, sewing, polymer clay, stained glass...gosh could that be all? What am I doing sitting at the computer? I've got work to do!