Saturday, December 15, 2007

Temptation, thy name is Ravelry!

The holidays are upon us, and what happens? My Ravelry invite arrives! I've tried not to get sucked into the site, because I hear it can eat up a lot of time, but what I've seen so far looks pretty good. I've started adding projects and stash and books, but I don't think I'd ever get everything entered. I do plan to use it to keep track of new projects; I think it will be very helpful there. And by looking at what others are making, I've found even more projects to try. Like I needed that!!

Here's my latest completed project - an afghan for my nephew Mike's wedding. He and Haley got married last Saturday, and I actually got this done with a week to spare. I bought the yarn, Moda Dea Floral, back in June, with the intention of crocheting an afghan. But when I tried the pattern I had in mind, I used up one ball on just the first two rows. So I thought it over, and decided to knit a rectangle from the center out, so that when I ran out of yarn, I was done.
Good theory, but in practice, as the afghan grew, I needed longer and longer needles to hold all the stitches. KnitPicks Options needles to the rescue! I was able to use two 60" needles to hold the stitches, and knit with a third.
Here's a photo of the lovely bride and groom.
And here's a photo of my niece Dawn and myself, in the kitchen before the wedding, helping them set up. I love that little stove, and would have liked to take it home with me!
Ok, enough goofing around for now, time to bake Christmas cookies!