Monday, May 25, 2015


Just five minutes ago, I was sitting in that corner of the sofa. I got up to take the DVD out of the player and put it away, and look what happened! Out of nowhere!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Out the Back Door

This lovely lusciousness greeted me this morning as I left to go to work. Right next to the back door - the ferns are almost as tall as I am! And trying to peek out - one of the Jack in the Pulpits. I love spring!

Monday, May 18, 2015

New Feature - Soundtracks!

Ok, so I missed blogging in April, and half of May. When I had interesting things to say, I had no time to write. When I had time to write, I had nothing to say, or no nice photos. Such is blogging!

I came up with this idea this afternoon. Some other blogger has probably already done this - I don't care. I finally thought of it. 

For some time now, I seem to change out my cds on the stereo on the weekend. I pick a new set based on what I've got going on for the day, or what kind of mood I'm in. I used to listen once, then switch, but the past few years, I seem to play the same set over and over for a week or more. I get in a groove. 

Now, I'm going to start sharing those sets with you. First up - some men. I started this set on Saturday. I think it will be around until Memorial Day. It's also a big part of what I'm listening to on Pandora right now, and I'm really enjoying it.

Back when I was tending bar in the mid 80's some of these songs were on our jukebox, and every time somebody let me pick I'd play them. They defined my summer that year. Good to get back with Phil again. By the way, I just got this CD from the Swap-a-CD website, which is a great way to trade music you are tired of for music you want.

I listened to this CD while doing a lot of driving, back and forth across Wisconsin, and up and down along the Mississippi River. Again, more summer music. Back then I only had the cassette, and when I got my first stereo with a CD player this is one of the titles I had to get on CD. I love the piano. I wish I could play like that. And I still remember most of the words.

Another talented vocalist. I love the stories in these songs. More laid back rhythms, soft yet solid. 

So that's this week's lineup. These guys can sing to me anytime!