Thursday, November 24, 2011

It's hard to believe another holiday season is upon us. The other day I was looking for some summer photos I'd taken in the back yard, and having a hard time finding them. Turns out they were taken in 2010, not just a few months ago. Where does the time go? 

Thanksgiving - today's the day! Turkey, family get-togethers, and for today here in the Midwest - good weather. Not that I have anything against snow - I love it. But it's nice to enjoy one more day of sun and warmth. Last winter was a long one, and this winter will be here soon enough. Since I've been rushing through the days, it's good to have a chance to sit back and enjoy one for a change.

And the biggest rush lately has been to get the Etsy shop ready for the Holiday shopping season. I've been listing lots of new items, and I hope they will be enjoyed by many. I had a chance to go to the Mall of America a week ago, and it was so disappointing. I've really become an alternative shopper. The rows upon rows of stores there with merchandise that was mass produced seemed to lack any sense of presence. There was no heart. Maybe that sounds silly, but when I look at the shops on Etsy, I can see that the items were produced with care and love. And that's what I want for myself, and in gifts for friends and family. Something that exudes care and love, not impersonal materialism.

Back to being thankful. As always, I'm thankful for good health, and family and friends, and the lovely area where I live. And of course, the kitties, who provide constant love and entertainment. And I'm thankful that I no matter what crisis or setback may occur, there always seems to be a way out, or around, or through. That's very important, I think. We can't ask or expect to live perfect, stress-free lives. But having the smarts and the courage to deal with the stresses and imperfections will see us through just about anything. And that's worth giving thanks!

Thankful for sunshine...