Friday, January 25, 2008

Cabin Fever

Can you have cabin fever if you like your cabin? Or, more specifically, your 1950 modified Cape Cod? I love winter, and this winter has been just exceptional in the amount and duration of snowfall, and now the frigid temps. I really can’t complain. But as I sit pondering this latest blog entry, I fear it will turn into a “blah” entry. Suddenly, there is nothing new or interesting going on to take note of.

But the weekend is here, and that’s something to look forward to. So here is my weekend “To Do” list:

1. List more items on Ebay – This will include knitting books and yarn, so if you’re interested, by sure and check it out!
2. List more items on Etsy – This will also include knitting books and yarn, so check that out too!
3. Update the blog – ok, did that!
4. Play on Ravelry – only a little, because it’s way too easy to lose yourself for hours if you’re not careful.
5. Clean house – just a little, because it’s way too easy to lose yourself…oh wait, that would never happen…
6. Sort out the desk and get the tax paperwork together – the sooner the better.
7. KNIT, KNIT, KNIT – ok, finally, the best part! I’m looking forward to time on the sofa, getting caught up with my Netflix movies, and finishing a project or two.

And, because this really would be a blah entry without photos, here are a couple of a recent FO. I knit this baby cardigan over the Christmas holiday. It’s knit from the top down, with a couple of hearts for cuteness. I like top-down knitting, and have already started another cardigan using some Bernat Handicrafter Cotton. I wanted to try using this yarn for something other than washcloths. So far, so good. The body of the cardi and one sleeve are finished, and if I can force myself, I’ll get the second sleeve done this weekend, and finish it off.
Finally, Rusty says “I didn’t see any mention of me on your ‘To Do’ list. I think number one should be “Brush Rusty until he falls asleep in utter contentment, with a belly full of cat treats!”