Thursday, February 26, 2015

Yarn Along February 25, 2015

I had written a New Year’s blog post all about getting back in the habit of writing more often. Yes, well, that didn’t work did it? So I’ll start 2015 with a Yarn Along post, and join Ginny, and hopefully that will get the ball rolling.

I started this cardigan in 2011! It’s taking me forever to work on because I keep stopping to work on other projects, mostly those that will bring in some money. I try to spend less on my fiber habit than I make with it, and last year I failed miserably, spending almost twice as much! This year I’m off to a little better start, but it’s early…

When I pick this sweater up and get rolling on it, I really like it. I designed the stitch pattern, although it’s similar to some in books. And I used Wendy Bernard’s book “Custom Knits” to come up with the formula and numbers for the cast on, v-neck, etc. The yarn is Lion Cottonease. I was hoping for a light summer cardigan, but I think it might be too bulky for that, although, when I put it on, it doesn’t feel overly heavy.

Over the weekend, I started working on one of the sleeves, and my concern now is that I’ll get in enough decreases before I get down to the wrist. The ribbed pattern is deceptive, and I added more stitches under the arm than usual. I think it will work out all right; I just need to do a little math again to see what I need to end up with.

My book this week is “The Cat Who Tailed a Thief” by Lilian Jackson Braun. I am slowly working my way through this series, and try to read three ‘cat whos’ per year. They are light and fluffy mysteries, and I find them endearing. Last year I fell down miserably in my reading. I only read a handful of books, switching mostly to magazines. I also got stuck on a couple books, and stubbornly refused to give up and start a new one until I finished at least one of them. That finally happened last week, and I’m much happier now!