Saturday, August 01, 2015

Garden Visitor

The summer flowers are in full bloom. Most of the flowers in my garden are the same as in this post from 2013. I'm enjoying their scent as well as the color. There are a few new additions, and I will try to get some photos of those as well. Until then, enjoy this photo of a recent visitor to my phlox.
I'm sure you know that butterflies, for the most part, do not sit still. And I just have a little point and shoot camera that I barely know how to use. So I was very pleased to see how well this photo turned out. I was really trying to get a shot with the wings fully open, because this female Tiger Swallowtail had amazing iridescent blue on her hindwings. It was dazzling. And I was excited to see that she still had both of her little tails intact. Very beautiful.