Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Klik Klak Redux

It’s common knowledge to me that not very many people read this blog. I see the stats, and they are pretty pathetic. That doesn’t really bother me – I know I’m probably not going to be another Yarn Harlot or Panopticon. In fact, it’s fairly liberating, knowing that I can pretty much write anything I want, without having to live up to anyone’s expectations.

One thing that I find amusing though, is that the blog post that gets the most hits from people searching is the one called the "Saga of the Klik-klak". I wonder if, like me, they are trying to find a source for Klik-klaks, or need to vent about Klik-klaks, or just happen to like them.

So I thought a little Klik-klak update might be in order. I’ve had mine for about eight months now. Personally, I still really like it. Remember now, I got the one with the storage bin underneath. The sofa is a nice neutral color, and so far, the cats have not been able to damage the microfiber fabric. I love the storage feature, and have finally found a place for much of the extra bedding I have. That’s been great. There are a few tiny drawbacks.

The first one is this: In most traditional sofa beds, there is a horizontal bar that hits you right in the back, and makes for uncomfortable sleeping. On the Klik-klak, there really isn’t a bar, per se, but a harder area, and it runs vertically, rather than horizontally. So you can’t really sleep in the center of the sofa bed, you kind of have to pick a side, or a diagonal. For me, this isn’t too much of an issue, I’ve managed to find a comfortable position on the few times that I’ve tried it out. I’m just a little hesitant to subject any visitors to it. It hasn’t been an issue yet, but it might be someday. I think I can alleviate the problem by adding a nice feather tick.

The second issue is this: For me, the Klik-klak has been fine, and yes, I still love it. However, I can see that it’s already losing some of it’s “vitality” in that the padding is starting to compress a bit, and the fabric is not as taut as it used to be. And, I’ve seen on the local Freecycle a rant from a Klik-klak owner, getting rid of hers because her kids broke it in a month, and why can’t they make something that will last? Well, I agree, active kids jumping on furniture would probably wreck my Klik-klak. College kids in party mode would probably wreck one. But sedate, middle aged knitters who just want a comfy place to sit will not do much harm. Some say you get what you pay for, but I still feel this sofa was a value for me and fits in perfectly with my lifestyle and storage needs.

I feel so strongly about it that in November I bought a second one! I wanted one for the spare bedroom, so that it would become more of a home office, sitting room style room, but still useable if someone needs to sleep there. The problems with back orders and stock issues seemed to be cleared up somewhat, and I was able to buy one on sale at one of the area Shopko stores. It is identical to the first one, and what I actually ended up doing was moving the living room Klik-klak into the bedroom by myself, so that the new one didn’t have to be carried as far. I was able to put the sofa up on end and kind of “dance” it through the doorways and around the corners. That was another plus – being able to move it myself. Since adding the second sofa, I’ve spent much more time in the spare room, which has become a cozy little haven. It’s nice to get away from the tv, but still have a place where all the cats and I can relax together. I sit and knit and listen to podcasts or audiobooks, and the cats have a nice ledge to look out the window. And the new Klik-klak in the living room adds even more storage space. A win all around!