Monday, June 25, 2012

Baby, It's Hot Outside!

My beer can has a sweater.
Isn't it snazzy?

I need to get some of these knit for the Etsy shop. They are just the ticket when it's hot and humid and you need to hold a beverage of any kind. I've made them in this basic ribbing, which is nice and stretchy and fits a variety of sizes. And I've made some fancy ones too, with colorwork.

It's been great to have a basket of them, so I can grab one and slip it over a glass, bottle, or can, and not have to worry about sweaty water rings. It's a little nicer than a coaster, because nobody wants to grab a wet glass, and then have to wipe their hands before keyboarding, knitting, playing cards, or any other fun summer activities. And if it eventually gets wet, just swap it out for a fresh one!

Stay cool!

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