Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Ahh...Summer! Tuesday, July 8

If you asked me, I'd probably say that summer is my least favorite of the seasons, due mainly to the heat and humidity. However, I have a feeling that there are plenty of summer-specific items that are really special for me. I thought if I put together a little online scrapbook, I would be able to convince myself that summer's not so bad after all!

Today's entry:
Our Municipal Pool

30+ years ago, I learned to swim at this pool, just after it had been built. I spent all summer at the pool, then went off to college. I did not get to keep up with my swimming, and over the years my skills dissolved.

Suddenly this summer, thanks to a nudge from Land's End (they tempted me with a clearance price plus size swimsuit that was not repulsive), I am back at the pool. I still can't swim the way I used to, but I am having a blast taking water aerobics, and going to lap swimming on the weekends and jogging back and forth. 

I've been working on treading water, and floating in a sitting position, and it's interesting that it made me realize just how tense I am. I was concentrating so hard, that I forgot to breathe, so I started sinking! I made a conscious effort to breathe slow and steady, and it all worked much better. Later that day, I researched how to swim on the Internet, and read that in order to float, one must totally relax. Well! There you have it. I won't be able to swim again until I'm retired! HA! 

Actually, it's very relaxing at the pool, and even after a solid hour of water aerobics, I feel so much more soothed and refreshed. Just what I need to forget about the stress and worries of the day. Magical!

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