Friday, March 13, 2015

It's Working!

This year, I got an early jump on the Easter decorating. Well, one spot, anyway. On a mild day soon after Ash Wednesday, I went looking for a branch to use for an Easter Egg tree. 

In the past I think we always used dead branches. But something about that didn't seem quite right. I wondered if maybe the idea was supposed to be cut a living branch, and get it to bud out by Easter. 

Ideally a willow or forsythia would have been the perfect choice. Easy to green up, I'm sure. I thought about lilac, with its pretty heart shaped leaves, but I couldn't bring myself to cut any of my own lilacs. So I snipped the end of a rogue mulberry, that needs to be removed anyway, and brought it in. I added water to the stones in the crock, and hung the ornaments. I wasn't sure if a mulberry would do anything. They are one of the last trees to open their leaves here, and being more of a hard wood, I didn't know if my branch would even take in enough water. The buds were so teeny tiny.

I guess the conditions were right, because this morning I noticed bright green leaves starting to unfurl themselves. 

Such fun!

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