Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Yarn Along June 3, 2015

Ok, let’s join in with Ginny and Yarn Along! It sounds like a square dance move, doesn’t it?

This is going to be the honesty edition. I’m sharing what I’m actually knitting, which is this pair of rainbow booties. Looking back at my previous Yarn Along posts, I realize that I’ve shown a lot of booties! Well, they are small enough to be a take along project, and I like making them. They make good gifts, and I’d like to try and have a cache of baby gifts ready just in case.

I thought about showing one of the more complex projects that I have going, but truth be told, I haven’t worked on them in weeks. So, simple is what we’ll stick with. These booties are made from Bernat Sox yarn, which I’ve learned is discontinued. It’s a cheerful rainbow colorway. I have a couple more balls in different colors. Fun!
The book I’m reading – well – listening to – is TheBonesetter’s Daughter by Amy Tan. A friend gave me the paperback, and I started reading it a month ago. I wasn’t riveted, but I didn’t want to give up on it, since Sally had recommended it, so I borrowed the audio version from the library and I’ve been listening while doing housework. Too early for a thumbs up or down, but at least now I’m making better progress.

This is a difficult time of year for me to get much reading or knitting done. There is way too much work to do outside. I have a few more plants to put in, and I’d like to do some transplanting as well. And brush clearing just never ends! And firewood cutting, and garage cleaning, and mowing, and on and on….

Soon all that will change when it gets too hot and humid to be outside for very long. The local pool, where I spent most of my free time last summer, will be closed this year for renovation. So most likely once it gets hot, I’ll be in the house with the air conditioner on. Then the knitting will start flying off the needles again. For now, I’ll work on my green thumb skills!


  1. I have been making those same booties in the same yarn. Christina's Stay on Booties correct? They are so easy. Crazy hot I think the color is called. I also made a pair in the pink camo colorway of the same yarn. It is perfect yarn for these booties. I agree, booties are an easy project to carry around. Mine are going to coworkers who are all due this summer/fall and the overflow pairs will go to charity.

  2. I'm into making the same stitch scarf now for the 3rd (no 4th) in a row. Simple can be good. And yes - having a stash of gifts ready is a great idea Cute booties in that rainbow yarn.

  3. The booties are gorgeous and it is so hard to fit it all in, but we get there eventually!!