Sunday, May 21, 2006

From One Bag to Another...

After the Booga Bag, I was hooked, and promptly started another. This one took me a little longer to finish, but today I gave it a second fulling with the laundry, sewed on a vintage button, and called it done. This pattern was in the Jamieson's Shetland Book #3, and it was designed by the "Two Old Bags" ladies. I don't care for that name very much, but I didn't like the previous name of their business, "Wool You Order" either. The pattern was very good, up until the handle. The handle was in plain stockinette, and it curled a lot when it was fulled, which made it a tiny bit skinnier than I would have liked. I'd make the bag again, but change the handle to something flatter and wider. Maybe double knit, or seed or linen stitch.

The yarn was the same as the Booga, more Tahki Ambrosia Slim. I already have a third bag started, this time a Market Squares bag from Knitter's. I made this pattern a few years ago, when it came out, but only made it half as big. It turned into a lovely hat. The yarn was some coned 2-ply wool from Webs. Very nice to work with.

I'm using more of the Ambrosia Slim in the new bag, but in a different colorway. This yarn is fulling very nicely, so it's fun to work with.

Now that summer's almost here, it's hard to find knitting time. I am so far behind in yardwork, housework, eBay work, you name it. I get a little knitting squeezed in during lunch and meetings, but that's only on small things, like socks, washcloths, booties, etc. There are so many yarns and patterns waiting to be made. As soon as I finish this, I'm going to sit down with my needles and knit for the rest of the evening. Wish I didn't feel soooo sleepy....

Finally, Rusty shows just how boring it can be to be kept inside when all the little birdies are outside just dying to play with him...didn't know cats could sulk, did you?

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