Thursday, May 18, 2006

Knit One, Rip One

This has been a hectic week. On Monday, my computer at work caught fire. Luckily, I was still able to back it up, and remove the hard drive, send it up to tech support, and will be getting a replacement by the end of the week. However, being without a computer for even three or four days just feels wrong. I've been trying to get some things done, but I'm definitely out of sync.

Tuesday I thought I'd just knit and relax in the evening. I picked up three balls of Lion Watercolor yarn in the clearance bin at Hobby Lobby, and thought I would make a baby sweater. Found a pattern on the internet, and cast on. After knitting for a couple of hours, and almost coming to the end of the first ball, I realized that I should have made the smallest size instead of the largest, because I was probably going to run out of yarn. So I ripped it all out. Normally I wouldn't have noticed, but this time it really felt like two hours wasted. I guess I'm just having an "off" week.

Wednesday wasn't much better, with a tick bite that landed me at the clinic. I did manage to transplant 46 strawberry plants, and start a new bed, so that makes the future look bright. This is such a busy time of year for yardwork, it really cuts into the knitting time. But I'm really feeling like I need to relax with my feet up and the needles clicking. Maybe Friday night...

Finally, Rusty says "Don't bother me, I'm getting my catnip fix."

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