Sunday, June 11, 2006

Here a Sock, There a Sock...

Hooray! I finally finished something! It's been a while. These socks are made from Lion Brand Magic Stripes yarn. They actually took 1.25 balls of yarn. I guess I made them a little longer than usual, or maybe it's the ribbing that eats up more yarn. About halfway through the knitting, I remembered that I had actually bought this yarn to make a fun baby sweater. Oh well, I'll try that another time. I used some of the heavier Regia yarn to make this baby sweater a few years ago, and I really like how it turned out. So, another fun sweater like this will have to wait until I can find some more fun stripey yarn. The Magic Stripes took forever to make a repeat. Everytime I thought I had it figured out, a new color came out of the ball. I shouldn't complain though - my current socks on the needles are in Trekking, and I understand that it "never" repeats!

I'm getting a lot of knitting done at the ball games. The last two nights it was cold in the stands, and when I finished a sock I seriously thought about wearing it as a mitten! I'm working on a pair of footie type socks now in Plymouth Sockotta. Not sure if I like the Sockotta, but the socks are turning out nice enough.

Finally, here is a picture of the new kitty, Lilly. I was thinking it was going to take months for her to get adjusted to being here, but just look!

She's making herself right at home, and is even coming around for petting. Rusty and Rollie are still not sure what to make of her. So far she's stayed out of their hair, but the more settled in she gets, the more interaction they're having. Sometimes it's good, sometimes noisy! At least the house is big enough that they can each claim their own space. Not the best picture of her, but rest assured, more will follow...

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