Saturday, June 17, 2006

We Will, We Will, SOCK YOU!

Apologies to Queen. I've been spending too many nights at the ball games this week, hearing the "thump-thump-clap" over the loudspeaker. The baseball's been good, and the knitting even better. Here's the latest finished pair of sockies...

Ok, I know that's only one anklet, but trust me, there's another one. I just thought it would look better photographed "on-foot", and it was tricky enough getting that shot! Not to mention I had to crop off my "Little Lotta" looking leg. Ma, these socks make my legs look fat! Maybe it's just me. Anyway, they are comfy, and right in time to have something to wear around the house. The yarn was Plymouth Sockotta, and I've got plenty left from one ball to make another pair. And I picked up a similar looking yarn this week in several other bright colors to make more anklets. Good summer knitting!

Now on deck, I mean "on the needles" is a pair of regular socks made from Trekking. Which reminds me, I have to pick up stitches around the heel flap before tonight's game. I got that far last night and it was too dark in our section of the stands to see very well. I actually had to stop knitting and fully concentrate on the ball game. At that point it was pretty much a blow-out, with the Loggers winning 14-2.

More tomorrow, when I will actually have a day where I don't have to be anywhere and do anything. Well, anything except dishes, and house cleaning, and other chores. Sigh...


  1. Hey, Annie! I think that we "chatted" on the big KL a long time ago. I just found your blog. I like the idea of your short sockies for summer and will try some out this week. I'm doing some spinning right now on an Ashford Electric....article probably to be an Aran/guensey this fall. Nice socks and I especially liked the baby sweater!
    Sara in WI (Platteville)

  2. This was the first time I tried a cotton/wool/nylon blend sock yarn. It was a little coarser to knit with, but the sock feels fine, and will probably feel even better after the first wash and dry. I'm looking forward to trying some "Fixation" when the LYS gets it in this Fall.