Monday, January 29, 2007

New Beginnings

I’d meant to write about new beginnings sometime around January 1st. Better late than never! At least it’s still January. Barely.

I want to get back on track this year with my journal of knitting projects. In 2004, I kept up a pretty good log, with detailed notes, photos of finished items, etc. I really enjoy looking back at it, especially since most of the items were either sold or given as gifts. Without this record I would have forgotten all about them! Why I fell off the wagon in 2005 and 2006, I’m not sure. But I’m going to give it a try, and I’m sure the blog will big a big help.

One of my knitting goals this year is to use up stash and not buy more yarn. I know I am not alone in this endeavor - here are two stash busting blogs to prove it - ! My pledge will be:
1. Bust the stash for the entire year.
2. The only day I will buy brand new yarn will be one specific day in June, when I go to an annual sale.
3. Buying yarn at thrift shops or garage sales will be allowed, but only if it’s a really good bargain.

I’ve made a pretty good start in January. I’ve finished one pair of socks, which I forgot to photograph before I sold them to a friend. Bad blogger! I also made two bags, one cap, and several cat toys. Details about these will be added in the future. I guess one advantage I have in trying to bust my stash is that I like to make a lot of different things, just to be knitting. I’ll make baby knits, even though I don’t have babies. I’ll make hats, even though I have more than I can use. In that respect the yarn in my stash has many more opportunities to be used in projects, instead of just waiting for the right sweater or sock pattern to some along. Of course, maybe that’s why I have a stash problem to begin with!

Seriously though, I really don’t consider my stash a problem. Yes, it’s taken over the house, but that’s ok. I splurged when I could afford to splurge. Now I need to watch what I spend, and cut out all the non-essential expenses. So the stash is able to provide me with what I need, and allow me to save my money for more important expenses.

My other big crafting goal for the year is to finish projects that are already started. I’ve got some in the works since I was nine years old! Seriously! My mom showed me how to sew yo-yo’s for a quilt, and I made bags full, and the quilt has never been put together. In the thrifty, frugal lifestyle, this would be deemed wasteful. It’s not something that keeps me awake at night, but I do feel just a little panicky when I start thinking of all the projects left undone. Especially when I could use a lovely yo-yo quilt for my bed...

I’ve made a real botch of this in January, starting new projects left and right, and not touching any of the old ones. But I’ll step it up in February. I’d better, now that I’ve officially made myself accountable!

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  1. Annie,
    These sound like great goals!! I can't wait to see the fun things you will knit from your stash! I'll be watching :-)

    Your ITE III pal