Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Spring has sprung, and suddenly there are dozens of things to do, places to go, and it feels like everything happens at once. The May calendar filled up fast, and June will be the same.

I had a very successful garage sale at the end of April. I still have to fill a few boxes with the leftovers to take to Goodwill, and once that’s done, I can get back to cleaning and organizing and other fun chores. Prior to the sale, I was upstairs in the craft room, and I started clearing the space so that I can actually dust the surfaces, vacuum the rugs, and have some space to move around. To do this, I had to box up quite a bit of yarn and patterns, and store them in the closet. I hated to do it, because that section of closet was perfectly organized, cataloged, and functional. Now, it’s stacked to the ceiling with boxes.

But the main workspace is almost clear of clutter, which is very inviting. After I clean and scrub I hope to concentrate on the following projects: finish warping the table loom and start weaving (as soon as I remember what I was going to weave), continue cataloging the craft magazines and patterns that I just stuffed into the closet, and clean off the sewing machine and complete the neglected mending projects. Notice how none of that involves knitting? Oh well, that’s what happens when you have so many interests.

The yard and garden are charging ahead without me. I’m not sure what to make of the yard this year. I’m trying to save money, so I think I’ll work on dividing my perennials, and using them to expand the existing beds. There’s plenty of that kind of “maintenance” gardening to do.

On the knitting and crocheting front, I’ve finished a baby blanket for my neighbor, who is expecting a baby girl in June. Pictures will follow as soon as I put it through a wash cycle and block it a bit.

I’ve been trying to keep plugging away at existing projects rather than start new ones. I’m not keeping track as well as I did a few months ago.

More details to follow, along with photos of knitting, kitties, and the recent trip to the pineries of Northern Wisconsin!

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