Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I'm Back!!!

After a long vacation from blogging, I think I'm ready to climb back in the saddle! I'm not sure what happened certainly wasn't dull, but maybe just a little too routine. Anyway, Spring and Summer have passed, and Autumn is settling in nicely, and it's time to cozy up to the keyboard and catch up!

Changes are coming to my humble abode: I've taken the plunge and signed another chunk of my life away to make some much needed upgrades. First on the agenda is the replacement of outdated and dysfunctional single-pane windows with energy efficient vinyl replacement windows. I'm not a big fan of things plastic, but the price and the energy savings can't be beat. My brother is helping me out by doing the installation himself. This is wonderful, because not only is he saving me thousands of dollars in labor (more money for yarn!), he is a meticulous craftsman, and it taking many extra steps to make sure the job is done to perfection. Here's an example - note the before and after!

As you can see, the old storms were in desperate need of paint, as well as glazing. Every Fall when I'd hang them, more glazing would fall off. I was worried that one year the whole pane of glass would just fall right out. In some places the frames are rotted away.

Here's the interior view:

The window on the right has never worked since I bought the house. Most of the windows have latches that are wonky, so this replacement is long overdue. I plan to eventually paint the trim white, so the contrast isn't so great. The replacement job is halfway done, and I'm already noticing that the upstairs and my bedroom are staying much warmer. I have a window over my bed, and each winter I could lay in bed, and put my hand up and feel the cold air blowing in, even with a storm window. The new windows are giving me a warm feeling all over!

Knitting update: I'm busy knitting an afghan for my nephew's wedding on December 8. It's almost done, and I hope to complete it this weekend, so I can work on something more interesting. Stay tuned for photos of the finished project.

Kitties update: Rusty was quite ill last month, with bowel troubles, but we seem to have that under control now, with daily medication. So far he is clueless that his nightly treats contain pills. Let's hope it stays that way. He picked up a nasty kitty cold the day he spent at the vet, which called for more medicine. He's pretty much over it, but managed to pass it on to Rollie. Here's a photo of the sickroom:
Ok, that's enough for tonight. I have to go settle in on the couch for the annual viewing of "Home for the Holidays" with Holly Hunter. It's one of my holiday favorites. I can relate to both the sisters, and I have no doubt that some day I'll turn into Aunt Gladdy!

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