Friday, August 09, 2013

Nothing to See Here...

This has been a busy week, with a few late nights. I worked, I knit, I did a few chores. I don’t really have any shining accomplishments to blog about. Everything that happened this week is part of an ongoing process, more or less. The book I finished, and the knitting projects I made were good, but nothing I feel the need to write big essays about.

However, I will give you something to ponder. Take a look at this gem. Click or save to embiggen, then print it on a full sheet of paper and give it a good study. How does it make you feel? Any comments? Anyone?


  1. Well, I find it interesting that she gets married when she's thirty and doesn't have kids until she's 40!

  2. I thought so too! I always thought that in the old days, if you weren't married by 20 you were a spinster. And no progeny for 10 years would also be a sign of something terribly wrong. I suppose that was artistic license in the drawing...