Friday, October 04, 2013

Yarn Along October 4 2013

Ok, so I'm a little behind this week joining Ginny, but hey, I completely missed the Yarn Alongs for August and September, so this is an improvement!
I've been working on this pair of Comfy Sole socks for quite a while. I got them started in July, and by the end of the month I had to set them aside for other projects. And then, the heel flap. Well.

I like to add a reinforcing yarn to the heel and toe. I have oodles of very fine gauge cone yarn to choose from for this task. This time however, I picked the wrong one, a wool boucle that was just a little too thick, so what I had was a lovely supple sock leg and then WHAM! a cast iron heel flap.

Now, that might seem like a good thing, so I spent a few weeks trying to convince myself that is was ok. I picked up and knit a few rounds of the gusset, and then I just couldn't go on. That heel would have to come out.

So that was a big deal - ripping out a dark sock. I had to wait for some calm time and bright daylight. I think I did it over Labor Day weekend. Then I found a better reinforcing yarn, and got started. The second time around was much better, but I still needed another bright day to pick up stitches and get the gusset started. That day was yesterday. It was overcast and rainy, but I could sit in the rocking chair by the window and see fairly well.

The yarn for this sock is Cascade Heritage sock yarn, a gift from a friend and it is a joy to work with. Probably the best part of having to reknit the heel flap was that it meant extended knitting time with this fantastic yarn. It just feels wonderful.

I am almost finished with David Sedaris' "Let's Explore Diabetes with Owls". There were many times that I was laughing out loud. What fun!

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  1. Love the yarn! Glad you got it put back on the needles. I gave up and ended ripping out the whole thing and started over. :-( But, one's finished and one more to go!