Friday, October 11, 2013

Yarn Along October 11, 2013

One would think that with time off from work, I could get my yarn along post added on the proper day, but apparently not this week! Joining with Ginny and all the others...
I was about to finish this pair of booties yesterday, when I stopped so that I could get an "in progress" photo for the yarn along. They are my riff on the booties in "Knitting Tips and Trade Secrets" published by Taunton. This book was updated and expanded, but I'm still working off the early edition, which, by the way, includes a tip from yours truly!

This bootie pattern knits up quickly, and I never tire of it. It's just the thing for leftover sock yarn, which this happens to be. It's Patons Kroy which might just be my favorite affordable sock yarn. This shade is called Winter Eclipse.

I am still reading the same David Sedaris book from last week, and I can't believe I haven't finished it yet. Every time I think I'm on the last essay, another one squeezes its way in.

But I also took a break from "Owls" when More Last Minute Knitted Gifts came in for me at the library. I think I saw it here in last week's knit along, and wanted to take a closer look. I was concerned that it might be full of little "who even needs a pattern for this" projects, but no! I found several patterns that I wanted to make, and more importantly, techniques I wanted to try, which were presented in projects that were small enough that learning said new technique would not be overwhelming. Two that come to mind are the Cozy Coasters and the Spiral Seat Cushion. I've done double knitting before, but what a good chance to work on tidy edges and multiple colors! I've worked applied I-cord before as well, but never applied to itself!

There just aren't enough hours in the day!

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