Monday, June 06, 2016

Catching Up

Yes, I’ve been neglecting the blog. Same old excuses. Either there’s not much new to write about, or else there’s too much going on to find time to write. I need to get in a better groove though, because at least it helps me keep track of projects and events.

Here’s a finished project I can finally share. Remember the christening gown a neighbor asked me to finish for her? Way back in 2014? Sad, I know! I got started on it right away, figuring out where her daughter had left off, carefully picking up dropped stitches, and setting forth with some amazingly matching vintage yarn from my stash.

And then I got to a complicated bit that needed some planning. The pattern, if you remember, was written incorrectly. I tried charting out their instructions, and came up with a misshapen trapezoidal piece of knitting. Instead, I was creating an entirely new bodice, but still trying to come close to the pattern measurements. I set the piece aside until I had time to concentrate.

And it sat. And sat. And became a bit of an albatross. And every time I saw Margaret I started to worry, because she’s in her late 80’s and what if I didn’t finish in time for her to see it? I finally set aside a weekend in March, and tackled the rough spot. It took a few more days of knitting after that, then washing and blocking, and another day of seaming and hemming (picot hem)! I happily called Margaret one evening and told her she could stop after church the next day and pick it up.

She was very pleased with the finished gown. I must admit, it turned out rather well. Light steaming, as always, helped soften the acrylic yarn and gave a much better drape, without ruining the stitch definition. I tested this on a small section of lace on the back side before I did the whole gown. I didn’t do a severe blocking, just opened up the lace enough so that it laid flat and looked good.

This kind of repair and restore project falls right into my wheelhouse. I love the challenge almost as much as creating a bespoke piece for myself or someone else. And of course having the weight of the obligation of my shoulders felt great too!

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