Sunday, April 30, 2006

Knitting Find...or Should that be Fiend?

The Village Wide Rummage Sales are over for another Spring. I think there will be another one in the Fall, but I will probably only be a consumer at that one. My sister and I did pretty well. We each made a small sum, but better than that, I had three less containers of stuff to haul back home! One box of stuff will go to Goodwill, one goes back into storage, and the remaining books will go back on Amazon.

I decided to be good yesterday, and not go around to any sales. My brother though, was instructed to look for and pick up any "things I'd like". This is one of the items he came back with - a cute little knitting tin, complete with the hole on top for the yarn to feed through. There's also a kitty on the other side. Sweet. For a dollar, no less!

Not much else going on knit-wise. It's raining today, and it would be a lovely day to put on some old movies and knit away, but I need to get busy and catolog some of these books I keep bringing home and get them on the new shelves my brother put up for me last weekend. There's another book sale coming up in May, so I need to make room for more.

Finally, Rusty asks, "Why is there no mention of me? I thought this was supposed to be my blog...I demand some attention!"

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