Sunday, April 02, 2006

Shake Your Bootie

I finished these baby booties on Friday night. This is the kind of project I take along in my knitting bag, to work, or in the car, so I always have something with me to work on. The projects are usually small, like socks, washcloths, booties, and caps. This pattern is one that I adapted from the book "Knitting Tips and Trade Secrets" from Taunton, called "Stay On Booties". I do wish Taunton would publish a knitting magazine. The knitting articles they had in Threads were wonderful, then it became an all-sewing magazine. I actually have a tip published in this book, on page 113! The yarn I used for these booties is some leftover Tahki Socka. I think the bright multicolors make a nice change from all the pastel baby items.

My goal for the weekend is to finish the bunny (the ears have been ripped out and re-worked), and then to start a Booga Bag, which I finally have the pattern for. It's raining here today, and it's supposed to last all day, so I feel like pulling out my "Rebecca" video and nestling in on the sofa with needles and yarn, tea and kitties.

Finally Rollie asks "Why did you shut the door on me yesterday and leave me upstairs in the knitting room for three hours while you went galavanting? Why? Was it something I did?"


  1. Hello, wide eyed kitty!
    Cute Booties!
    Also, welcome to the world of blogging!