Monday, February 05, 2007

Flowers in the Dead of Winter...

Do you know where that line comes from? Olivia Walton (Patricia Neal), in the original "Homecoming" movie, when John finally makes it home and brings her roses. It’s one of my Christmas "must watch" movies.

My winter flowers come from two splurges I made last year. If you haven’t noticed a theme developing in the blog this year, it’s this: I need to cut out all the non-essential expenses, buckle down, pay off the big bills, and put some money into the upkeep of the house. Another reason why I love the Waltons movie. The theme of poor people getting by on next to nothing appeals to me. I can relate. I didn’t grow up in a financially sound household, yet we got by. It taught me to be creative, if nothing else.
The first flowers are on an orange tree I purchased last summer. I got it at a local shop, and it sat outside most of the summer. When it bloomed in August, the scent came right in the house every time a breeze blew. The oranges developed, but stayed green. It bloomed again before I brought it inside for the winter. I’ve been watching the oranges get bigger, and turn orange, and then right after Christmas it bloomed for the third time. I took this picture in mid-January, when I had ripe oranges, green oranges, and blooms all at once. Although I paid more for this tree than I usually spend on a houseplant, it’s been worth it. I’ve even tasted the oranges, and although they are more sour than lemons, I’m going to use the rest of them mixed with some yogurt for a nice treat.

The other flower splurge was on this Amaryllis. I got it in November at La Crosse Floral, while I was at a used book sale. The bulbs were $15 each, or three for $40. I stopped myself from buying three, and picked out one. A little voice inside kept asking "Why do you need this, you can buy three bulbs for this price at the discount store. And how many bulbs do you already have at home? Work on getting them to bloom again." Even worse, I set the bulb aside when I got home, and didn’t pot it up until after Christmas. When I pulled it out it was very pale, and the bud was a little bent. I potted it and set it in the sun. Little by little it greened up, and spurted up. I still questioned my purchase, especially now that I’m cutting my spending. But on January 15 the first bloom opened, and all my doubts were put aside. Look how beautiful. Not just a single-petal bloom, but a triple- petal bloom. Just lovely. And, it’s taking some time to open, so I’m sure I’ll be enjoying this flower all winter long. Especially since there’s another bud poking up from the bulb!

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  1. The flowers are gorgeous and a pleasant reminder of the promise of spring during this cold winter snap!!

    your secret ITE III partner....