Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Stash Busting Report for January, 2007

January was an average month for completed projects. I made 13 items: 9 catnip toys, 2 tote bags, 1 pair of socks, and 1 watchcap.

This effort used up 18 balls of yarn. I know that part of the stash busting program is to also own up to the amount of stash. Well, that’s a bit difficult. What I have inventoried: 937 balls. Additional yarn not inventoried: probably another 500 balls. Coned yarn: approximately 150 cones. So you see, using up a puny 18 balls is not very significant. The key is not to add more yarn. I didn’t purchase any yarn in January, but a friend did gift me with four balls early in the month. I’m still ahead of the game though!

I should probably do more crochet, since crochet goes faster and uses more yarn. But I want to make projects that are useful, and not just make things that will sit around, just to use up stash. Anything I make should have a purpose – either to be used by me, given as a gift to someone, or as a saleable item.

I should get the looms threaded again too, and get busy weaving, because that uses lots of yarn as well. There is actually “waste yarn” involved in weaving – the lengths at the beginning and end of the warp that are attached to the loom’s front and back beams. These lengths can be several inches to over a foot long, depending on the loom. But even they can be used somehow, so I hate to toss them.

February is a short month, but I hope I can increase the number of balls used. I didn’t complete any old unfinished projects from ages ago, so if I can get some of those items done, I will accomplish two goals.

To that end, I will now list the current WIP’s, in order t make myself more accountable:

Scrap Afghan – knit, about half finished
Shapely Tee – knit, front piece half finished
Baby Afghan – knit, ¾ finished
Red Lace Runner – knit – maybe half finished
Woolease Child’s Cardigan – knit – only needs button band and buttons!
Rust/peach Mittens – knit - ¾ finished
Chenille Scarf – knit - half finished
Einstein Coat – knit – just started
Tote for Tote Exchange – knit – 1/3 finished
Fishtail Scarf – knit – half finished
Brown Tweed Socks – knit - one sock half knit
Brown/Gold/Black Baby Booties - knit – one bootie finished, second one started
Tote Bag – crochet – only three rounds left!
Fuchsia Baby Sweater – knit – working on the back.

I see I passed a baker’s dozen, so I’ll stop. These are the “current” projects. I’m sure I could start digging and find many older projects to add to the list.

Finally, Rollie says: “How inconsiderate of you to photograph me while I’m trying to perform my daily ablutions!”

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  1. Oh goodness that is one incredible stash!! :-) Sounds like you are a very proficient knitter/crocheter/weaver.... I'll be waiting for pictures of your completed projects!

    Your secret pal....