Monday, January 18, 2010

Day of Knitting - Report

Yesterday's "Day of Knitting" spilled over into today, but since I didn't start until the afternoon yesterday, I figure it's still a day's worth.

As for progress - I made two catnip toys, and finished the baby booties.

There are no new photos of the cardigan, or either of the two dark hats. They don't look too much different, although each one is a little longer than yesterday.

This hat was started yesterday. It's a Machault Cap, or Voyageur's cap. I need to complete it by the early part of February, so that's why I started yet another project!

And today, the inevitable happened. All I did was go upstairs to put away the leftover yarn from the baby booties. While I was up there, a single ball of wool in an open box called out "knit me" and like Alice in Wonderland, I had to obey! At first, I was only going to pick out some yarn that would go with the wool. Then I was only going to start the hat, and see what the combo looked like. Well, then I was off and running, and except for a lunch break, I worked on this until it was finished.

I used my food scale, and kept weighing the remaining ball of yarn, to see how I was doing. If I ran out, I was going to have to add a different yarn, or rip the whole thing out and make something else. I switched to garter stitch when I had about 12 grams of yarn left, and when I cast off, I had less than a yard left. See, that's knitting serendipity - when it all works out - and there were no preconceived ideas about what to do with the yarn, so designs, just take off and see what happens. Sometimes it's a disaster, but when it works, it's really great!

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  1. Wow!! Again...I am in awe of all that you do! Deb