Sunday, January 31, 2010

Where Did This Come From?

Ok, I know I have my forgetful moments, just like the next person, but today I was flabbergasted.

I was on a search today, for a box of yarn that seemed to have gone AWOL. It was yarn I was trying to sell on Etsy, only it wasn't stored with my other Etsy items. In fact, I couldn't find it anywhere. I searched all over upstairs. I searched downstairs where I try not to put yarn anymore. I even went over to the storage unit and searched there, although I was pretty sure I wouldn't have put it there. Pretty sure.

The missing yarn never turned up, and my only conlcusion was that I sold it last September at my sister's garage sale. Either that, or it's going to appear when I least expect it. Like that's never happened before.

While I was looking through boxes and totes at the storage unit, I found several balls of yarn to bring back. I've been getting more of the stash inventoried, and these balls had companions all present and counted for up in the studio. I also brought back a box that seemed to have a few projects and a lot of loose needles in it. I could get those put away too.

When I got the box home, where it was much warmer, I emptied it and put the items where they belonged. And at the bottom of the box, this project was hiding.
I have no idea when I started this. Probably right after I got the book "Fair Isle Mittens & Gloves" by Carol Rasmussen Noble. The book was not with the project, but I had photocopied the pattern pages, and I recognized where they came from. The glove was about 3/4 done, and approaching the top of the snowflake. The stitches had been placed on a long circular needle, as if I needed the DPNs, and switched to this for the time being. About a third of the stitches had been pulled off, which made me cringe a little.

The needle was a #2, and I couldn't believe I would have knit this fine shetland yarn on #2 needles. What was I thinking? That couldn't be right.

Even though I had plenty of other projects going, I decided to get this one back on track. I pulled out some #1 needles, transferred the stitches, and figured out where I was on the chart. I knit a few rounds, and realized that yes, I really did need the #2 needles. I switched over, finished the hand, made the pinky, and the thumb ribbing.

I wonder what made me put this project down? Was it because I was approaching the tricky part, the finger ribbing? Did I have to stop and work on something more urgent? I don't think it was because I got bored. I love stranded knitting, and usually can't stop knitting once I get going.

Whatever the reason, it makes me feel a little sad. Sometimes when a project is abandoned, there's just no hope of getting it going again. There were two other projects in the box. One I've already ripped out, and the other will probably follow suit. I'm glad I was able to rescue this project, and I can't wait to see it completed. I think the gloves will be beautiful, and I'm looking forward to wearing them, maybe even yet this winter.

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  1. I know how you feel--that's a beautiful stranded mitten there! I still haven't gotten my gauge down for 2 color knitting, but I'm keeping on trying. It's so beautiful! Maybe you'll pick it up again?? :)