Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Day of Knitting

Happy New Year, a little belated! It has been very busy at work since returning after the Christmas holiday. I have been given additional finance work to do, and still want to get my own budget in line, as well as dozens of other tasks that are piled on the desk. I was hoping for a week or two of calm to get organized, but that didn’t happen.

So while work is chaos, I’ve decided that my at-home time will be as relaxing as possible. That’s why today is going to be a “Day of Knitting”.

I have so many projects going, and rather than work on only one, I’m going to set out several, and rotate through them, working a little on each, and see how much I accomplish.

Today’s lineup includes:

A hat for my brother. I made myself a night hat for cold evenings. It’s lightweight wool, and gives just enough insulation to keep the chill out. My brother can use one too, as his house is pretty chilly most of the time.

A black stocking cap. This is a repeat order from an Etsy customer. Black is a little difficult to work on at night, so I’m glad the sun came out today!

A cardigan for me. I’ve shown this project on the blog before. I wanted to get this finished to wear this winter, but there hasn’t been enough time to work on it as I’d imagined. So if I can make some progress on it this weekend, all the better. And we'll talk about that color variation later...

Baby booties. These were also requested – several pair in several colors.

Catnip toys – a constant project – love making these and using up my leftovers!

A Red Voyageur’s Cap – yet another special request. This is a historically accurate version of a Machault cap, worn by French fur traders and others during the 1600’s. I do like making these, because they are so basic, yet a piece of history. And warm, too!

That’s the lineup so far. I may add another project or two as the day goes on. Most of these are at the stage where they’re not difficult, which is good when doing rotation knitting.

Tomorrow – a progress report!

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