Sunday, March 14, 2010

In Case You Were Wondering...

…about that funny looking color change in my blue sweater? Mentioned in this blogpost...

And I said I’d talk about it later? Ok, well, now is the time. But first, I want to point out that everything else pictured in that blog post has been finished! Progress, yes indeed.

But about that sweater…well…

I bought that yarn probably 20 years ago. I can’t even remember where. I never bothered to check the dye lots before I started this started project, because I knew better than to buy yarn in different dye lots. Really I did.

Except that I also like bargains, and chances are this yarn was from some bargain bin, and I bought it knowing that the dye lots were different, but thinking I’d use it for two smaller projects, or for weaving, or who knows what. Back in those days, I bought yarn for a variety of reasons, without any real plan in mind.

Fast forward to the present, and I decided that this yarn’s time had come, and happily wound the first hank into a ball and started knitting away without brothering to check the tiny labels.

It’s a rookie mistake, and I can’t believe I made it after all these years. And if you look at the photos, it is noticeable. And I don’t have enough of either dyelot on it’s own to make the sweater. And I surely wasn’t going to rip it out anyway. If I ripped it out, I wouldn’t be reknitting it, that’s for sure.
So I’m knitting on, and chalking it up to experience. I never intended for this to be a sweater to be worn any place special – just something to keep warm in and wear around the house. And who knows, maybe those blues will bleed into each other over time, and a few warm water soaks. Or maybe they’ll get worse.

I’ve started the sleeves now, and the one thing I did do was check the labels now, so that each sleeve will at least be the same, even if they don’t match what’s already been knit.

The yarn, by the way, is Twitchell Mills 2-ply wool. It’s got a rough texture, rather rustic compared to all the fine wools produced today. But I know from the test swatch that it will soften and bloom with washing, and will turn into a very nice finished garment. Not something you’d want next to the skin, but perfect for a cardigan to keep out the chill. I started this sweater last July, and what I should have done all along was make myself knit two rows a day. I would have finished it long before now. I’ll have to try that sometime, and see if it really works!

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