Saturday, March 24, 2007


I know you’re all waiting patiently for the glorious details of my spring cleaning weekend. I had such high hopes. Dashed, all dashed! Aside from doing the dishes and a little bit of tidying up, the only thing I managed to accomplish was that I soaked the shower head in vinegar, and now it’s like new again. Big woop.

What did I do all that time? Well, knit, of course! Here are two projects I finished last week. The first is a pair of baby booties in some Cervinia sock yarn. This is my standby pattern, and I’ll be trying to sell these on Etsy. The second project is my pair of socks for the Sock-a-Month 3 knitalong. They are the Friday Harbor socks from “Knitting on the Road” by Nancy Bush. I was concerned that they would be too big, but they fit my feet just fine. The yarn is Softee from Kimmet Croft Fibers, over in Wisconsin Rapids. It’s a blend of Rambouillet wool and Angora rabbit. Very soft indeed. I’m finding it very difficult to keep to my “finish two old projects before starting a new one” rule. I’ve stuck to it, but I’ve been paging through craft magazines and pattern books and seeing a lot of different projects that I want to make. The two finished projects shown here have allowed me to start my socks for April, so now I’m up against it to get other things done. My neighbor is having a baby, so I really should start another blanket. I’m almost finished with a knit blanket in baby boy blue, but I need to make a pink one so I’ve got my bases covered. I say pink because my brother brought me some pink yarn this week from Goodwill that should work just fine. He also brought some cream yarn, that I think I’m going to combine with a cotton coned yarn for another boy’s blanket.

Yes, this new yarn added to the stash. But, one of my rules was that I could get second hand yarn, so I’m covered. It actually hasn’t been too hard not buying any new yarn, but I haven’t really been able to peruse the knitting catalogs much. Too tempting.

Ok, enough for now. I’m actually getting more cleaning type work done this weekend, so I better get back to it. There’s a kitchen table full of plastic containers that need to be put away. Oh joy…


  1. Those little booties are adorable!

    My daughter-in-law suggested storing plastic containers in a deep drawer, instead of on a cupboard shelf. What a wonderful suggestion! Not only can I find the size I need – along with the lid – but I'm limited in the number of containers I can "collect."

    How many do we need, really, anyway?

  2. I love the booties! The socks are fab too, they look lovely and warm!

  3. Those booties are the cutest!