Friday, March 02, 2007


We have had a week of snow here in Wisconsin. It started last Friday night, and on Saturday morning I woke up to see 18 inches of the white stuff. Just a few days before, I had been contemplating getting out the rake and starting on the front lawn. Ha!

I have a very powerful snow blower, and yet it took me two hours to clear away what usually only takes 30 minutes. Several times the chute clogged because I was trying to blow the snow over drifts already up to my shoulders. Sunday was more of the same, with six inches of new snow. Monday it tapered back to three inches. Then we had a few clear days, and last night it started up again, with six inches of new snow this morning.

Actually, I love it. This is how I remember winter. This is what we should have been dealing with since December.

The photo of the house is from Monday, and it really doesn't show the snow depth very well. But look how pretty the snow makes the house look! The trees are three of the spruces I have growing on the west side yard. I went out on Thursday and knocked the snow off, because we were forecast to get freezing rain, and I was afraid they would snap.
All these snow days mean one thing - more time for knitting! Well, that's what's on tap for this afternoon anyway. I'm going to work at my desk until noontime, then at 2 pm "Sense and Sensibility" is on TCM, so I'll take a break and do some knitting. I finished my tote for the Tote Exchange, but I still have plenty of projects to work on. Tomorrow I'll give a summary of February's stash busting efforts. Knit on!


  1. Here from SAM3 to say hello. We've got snow too, and it really only started accumulating the last month and a half or so. We'd have some but it would melt. I guess they are calling for a storm tonight though...

    Love your tote. I'm sure whomever receives it is going to love it too. Can't wait to see the socks you were talking about on the SAM3 blog!

  2. Beautiful pictures. I wonder how much will accumulate this weekend. Nice to have cozy projects. Cousin Deb

  3. Wow!! That's alot of snow! It does remind me of the snow we had growing up.... seemed to be alot more back then!! Glad to hear that you got some good knitting time in!! Your bag looks great! Oh, and your bag is in the mail and should arrive this week! :-) I hope you like it!!
    Happy shoveling...I mean, knitting!

    Your ITEIII pal!