Sunday, July 14, 2013

Who Says Safety Can't be Pretty?

The bag on the left - a safety kit for the car; a Christmas gift from a few years back. A handy thing, with jumper cables, flashlight, HELP sign, etc. I stowed it in the trunk, always meaning to add a few more bits and peices.

The bag had velcro on the bottom, which I think is meant to keep it attached to one spot in the trunk. Yes, well, that  really never worked very well. The bag still slides around, and all the velcro does is get stuck on everything else it shouldn't: the stadium blanket, the cloth carrier bags, and even yarn that fell out of a sack during a shopping trip.

I cleaned the car yesterday, and when everything came out of the trunk, I debated about whether or not I wanted to put the safety bag back. I carried it over to the Goodwill pile, and there the lightbulb went on. For on the Goodwill pile, was the gingham tote bag. It was in an auction box I recently purchased, and although it was a handy size, I didn't like the vinyl handles. So, not nice enough for knitting, but a perfect replacement for the safety bag! The jumper cables and other items fit nicely inside, and I was able to add my ice cleats and a few of the other loose items from the trunk. A much nicer bag, and the blue gingham matches my blue car. Much more cheerful!

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