Thursday, July 04, 2013

Yarn Along

Well, look at this. Two weeks in a row, joining in with Ginny and the Yarn Along! I hope it keeps me motivated to keep posting regularly.

This week I’m working on this pair of plain socks, for me, knit from Lang Aktion yarn. It’s taking me forever to finish these, because I’m always switching to something else that’s more important. I hope that I can get them done over the holiday weekend and get a different pair of socks started.
Just because they are plain socks, don’t think I didn’t learn anything. I learned that I really need to buy ONLY ONE ball of yarn if it’s one that I haven’t tried before, and then see how it goes. I have three balls of this yarn in my stash, this being one of them. While I really like the random patterning, the yarn is just a little too fine for my loose knitting style. Even on size zero needles, the socks feel thin. They might full up a bit with the first wash, but still, not my preference. I’m considering added along a strand of very fine coned yarn with the next pair I knit with this yarn, even though that’s going to affect the patterning.

The book I’m reading right now is Food Matters by Mark Bittman. A Guide to Conscious Eating. More facts about the effects of factory farms,  over processed food, and other nutritional nightmares. I’m actually waiting for the DVD of this book to arrive at the library, along with the DVD “Hungry for Change”. But I thought I’d read through the book first, as there are recipes included.

I am making an effort to eat healthier, but also just to eat more simply. And carefully. For a long time, I knew that ingredient labels were getting longer and longer and often listing more chemicals than food. But I think the tipping point was when I read about Hershey and other chocolate manufacturers pushing for a loosening of the requirement of how much cocoa and cocoa butter needs to be in a product and still be called “real chocolate” and not “chocolate flavored”. When they start messing with my chocolate, that’s serious! Not to mention all the labor issues Hershey has.

So little by little I'm making changes. I joined a CSA this year, and will write about that soon. Until I have the time and energy to have my own vegetable garden again, it seemed like a great alternative. And I really do like the community aspect of it. Plus I love surprises - this week's new food: pea shoots!

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